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Why I Relay, Debbies Story

01 Apr 2020

My name is Debbie Moorhouse. Last year was my first year being involved on the Relay for Life Wexford committee and what a year it was!

It was a privilege and an honour to be part of such an amazing event.

I had been out to Relay the previous couple of years and the sense of fulfilment and emotion that I felt both times was just brilliant.

I lost my wonderful Mam, Mavis, to cancer in 2006 and I’ve always wanted to do something to help fight back against this horrible disease.

I had donated to the charity, but always wanted to actively do something to make a difference.

My Mam was and is my hero. She was diagnosed in March 2006 with uterine cancer and spent the coming months between St. Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin and Wexford General Hospital. We brought our angel home where she sadly passed away on the 26th of September 2006, the worst day of my life. I prayed I was in the middle of the worst nightmare of my life and wished so much to be able to do something to bring her back, but I couldn’t and my heart broke that day for my beautiful Mam, for my heartbroken Dad, my brother, my daughter Zoe and indeed all our family.

It wasn’t the first time cancer attacked our family. We lost my Mam’s brother Kenny and my cousin Theresa who was just 30 years old.

When things like this happen to good people I always wonder why? It’s a question to which I know there is no answer.

But I do know that doing something positive to honour and support people who have lost their fight or who are fighting against or indeed those who have beaten this disease does make a difference. Relay for Life Wexford is a community event that brings people together in the fight against cancer. It’s an emotional event, but the sense of achievement and fulfilment is overwhelming.

I for one will always hold Relay for life Wexford in a special place in my heart. Although many years have passed since I lost my Mam Relay gave me a strength inside that I didn’t know I had.