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Why I Relay, Kathy's Story

15 May 2019

Hi folks! I’m Kathy Wright and I got involved in Relay for Life Wexford in 2019. That was the first year of Team Walkie Talkies as well as the first experience of Relay for most of my team.

The reason I wanted to get a group together was because through my work in the office of Civil Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages. I have become very aware of the prevalence of cancer and in recent years, sadly I have noticed a huge increase in the number of deaths due to cancer in people of all ages.
It can be quite emotional to spend time with a family member and hear of the pain they are going through in losing a loved one. I feel very privileged to be with someone as they put the details of someone’s life and passing on paper and to be able to sympathise with them.
When I heard about Relay for Life Wexford I wanted to get involved right away. So I began to message friends who I thought might be interested.
Some of our team members joined as they had lost friends and family members, while others like myself, had friends undergoing cancer treatment at the time and others simply wanted to support the great work of The Irish Cancer Society. We got to sharing fundraising ideas and raising awareness of the Relay for Life Wexford campaign which has truly strengthened our friendships.
It was a new experience for us all but the Relay Committee members are just amazing and made us feel so welcome. I’m generally one who is happy to spend time alone in the garden or at the beach, but Relay is one event where I absolutely loved being part of something big. Being around people who are so kind, open-hearted and generous is good for us all.
The event itself, while raising vital funds for The Irish Cancer Society and awareness of the supports they provide, also brings a lovely sense of community and togetherness with it.

Before Relay, I have to admit when I thought of cancer I thought of sadness and death. Last years’ event, in particular the Survivors’ lap, taught me that there is a lot of hope, happiness, love and recovery too. I think if I were to get a diagnosis myself I could thank Relay for my more optimistic outlook.

Another thing to mention is that Relay is not just about raising money, it is such a fun event. Friendships are made and built-upon – huddling up together freezing at 4am does that! We cried, but we also laughed, sang, danced, watched movies, dressed-up, shared food, took photos, walked, chatted and cheered each other on. Relay has a way of supporting each other to do better and there is no negative competition, it’s actually great for one’s mental health. I’d recommend anyone who hasn’t visited Relay before to come out for an hour when it’s on to check out what happens and what it’s all about – you never know who you’d meet!