Why We Relay- Night Nursing Service

26 Apr 2024

Supporting Irish Cancer Society's Night Nursing Service. 

Cancer is a journey no one should have to face alone. Sadly, in Ireland, nearly 9,000 lives are lost to cancer each year, averaging 25 deaths every single day. This stark reality is why events like Relay for Life Wexford are so crucial. They not only raise funds but also unite communities in a shared fight against cancer. One of the key services that these funds support is the Irish Cancer Society's Night Nursing Service, a lifeline for families during some of their most challenging times.

Since its establishment in 1986, the Night Nursing Service has been a beacon of hope for families dealing with advanced cancer. It gives patients the choice to spend their final days at home, surrounded by loved ones, and empowers families to make that a reality. This invaluable service provides specialized care during the night, ensuring patients receive expert clinical support, symptom management, and compassionate care, all delivered with the utmost dignity and respect.

Whether it's assisting adults with advanced cancer or providing care to terminally ill children, the Irish Cancer Society's Night Nurses work tirelessly to ensure patients live well until their very last moments. The service is free of charge for up to 14 nights, made possible almost entirely through public generosity.

Your participation in Relay for Life Wexford directly contributes to funding these Night Nurses, helping families navigate the toughest days of their lives with a little more comfort and support. By coming together to relay, we honour those we've lost, support those still fighting, and contribute to making the final journey of cancer patients as peaceful and meaningful as possible.

Join us at Relay for Life Wexford, and let's continue to make a difference. This is why we relay. 

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