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A feature of every Relay For Life is the Candle of Hope Ceremony which takes place at dusk. This year, this will take place on 14 September 2024 in CBS Midleton, Co. Cork.

During the Candle of Hope Ceremony, hundreds of candle bags that have been personalised with messages of hope and remembrance are lit during a moving ceremony.

This is where we will all come together to light our candle bags as a symbol that we are together as a community in the fight against cancer. When you purchase a candle bag online, your message will be placed on one of our bags and displayed at the Candle of Hope ceremony. We would love you to join our Candle of Hope Ceremony at CBS Midleton, Co. Cork from dusk.

Our Online Shop is now OPEN.

When you purchase a candle bag online you can include a message of hope or remembrance for someone affected by cancer. Your bag will be decorated and placed at the event by your local Relay For Life committee.

You can also purchase candle bags at the event before the Candle of Hope Ceremony starts.

Candles will also be on sale in various locations throughout the county ahead of Relay weekend.

Stay tuned to our social channels for updates. 

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