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A feature of every Relay For Life is the Candle of Hope Ceremony. Everyone is welcome, we'd love you to join our Candle of Hope Ceremony. This year, it will take place on Saturday 29th June at Páirc Charman from dusk. During our Candle of Hope Ceremony, thousands of candle bags that have been personalised with messages of hope and remembrance are lit during a moving ceremony which takes place around our Empty Table (read more on that here)

The Candle of Hope allows the community to remember those who are no longer with us, to hope for those still battling and to be thankful for those who are surviving; a beautiful part of Relay where we will all come together to light our candle bags as a symbol that we are together as a community in the fight against cancer. It is dignified, full of hope and will even facilitate an element of healing for those who are there. 

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